Long time no…

Oh my I’ve been busy. In the last two months I’ve had only three days off!!!

But I finished uni for the year today and I plan to start making things again, so hopefully if you look back soon, there’ll be something pretty to see.

In the meantime, here’s a picture I took of a dog at the park…




More new buttons…

I quite liked the gingham button necklace (shown below) and decided that i could cover buttons with all sorts of fabric. This turned out pretty well. I used some Michael Miller fabric (a beautiful damask design) for the black and white necklace below. The other buttons explain themselves fairly well, strawberries and spots. I’ll probably make necklaces with those as well, they seem to turn out so well.

Michael Miller Buttons  Buttons

Amy Butler Quilt

I saw these two Amy Butler fabrics at the quilt store I work at and simply couldn’t let them go. The colours are just so perfect for each other. So whipped up this quilt, which I think is rather great…

Amy Butler Quilt Amy Butler Fabric Amy Butler Fabric 2

Nothing like Gingham

I think this would have to be my favourite so far. I purchased some self-covering buttons and covered them with this adorable red and white gingham (which I’ve always been rather fond of) and used them in much the same manner as my other necklaces. But I think this one takes the cake. Isn’t it just too cute!?Gingham Buttons Gingham Buttons

(click on the thumbnails for a closer look)

British Coat of Arms Buttons

 Who would have thought? These brass looking buttons have the British coat of arms on them! The photograph doesn’t really show it up as well as I would have liked, but that’s okay because they truly are incredibly neat buttons.

British Coat of Arms

(click on the picture, when it is enlarged it is much easier to see)

My Etsy Store is up and running

Okay, I mentioned in my first post that I was opening an Etsy store, named The Red Infirmary. Well it’s open now and although I have only listed a couple of things, there is much more to come, so keep checking it for updates.

It’s pretty exciting opening a store online. I’ve had a bunch of people look at it so far and I only listed things over the last two hours, so I hope it remains popular and people like what they see.

Okay, I think I’ll go and list something else…

More on the Bead Front

Okay, so I was unable to find the round beads pictured below in any colour other than the red, but I did find these ones that look not unlike chewing gum in white and in black.

spikey 2spikey 3

And I also made this lovely necklace out of a bunch of Czech Glass beads I just had in my collection. I’m quite fond of it.


Czech out these Beads!

I also found these fabulous Czech Glass beads, which simply could not be passed up! They’re tiny glass lady beetles. And because I’ve strung them nose-to-tail, they look like they’re following each other around your neck. Very fancy.

(They didn’t photograph as well as I would have liked, but I think you get the idea)

Lady Beetles

And these neat black beads (also Czech Glass) look so perfect spaced with this size of bead. I think I’ll have to go back and get more in as many colours as I can. I imagine that they would be widely popular, so I thought I’d show everyone.


Ahoy Matey, here be treasures!

How incredibly cool are these new buttons?! Totally neat Anchors!


Buttons are a Girl’s Best Friend

I’ve always been one to quite fancy anything plastic. And buttons. Recently I have found a fantastic place to buy buttons. Thousands of buttons in any colour and almost any size. Now, I know that to make enough garments to satisfy the amount of buttons I wanted to buy would take at least a lifetime, I decided to use them for an entirely different purpose. Here are a couple of my results, which will be available soon to be purchased from my Etsy store. I think they are undeniably gorgeous!

Button NecklaceButton Necklace 2

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